Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage art deco flapper sautoir necklacevintage flapper, long silver and sky blue glass seed beads



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Beauti 30s necklaceful art deco flapper era sautoi 30s necklacer necklace made of si 30s necklacelver seed beads and sky blue glass beads that look handmade. Excellent condi 30s necklaceti 30s necklaceon, no flaws. Hangs 15" (30" doubled) wi 30s necklaceth an addi 30s necklaceti 30s necklaceonal 4" drop.Shi 30s necklaceps i 30s necklacen a gi 30s necklaceft box.I combi 30s necklacene shi 30s necklaceppi 30s necklaceng on multi 30s necklaceple i 30s

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