Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wooden brooch pin, vintage wood and celluloid flower brooch with felt leaves pin brooch - wired back



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Vi depression erantage wood brooch wi depression erath celluloi depression erad flowers, ci depression erarca 1930s/40s. The flowers have li depression erattle felt leaves glued on as well. One flower has a 3-d yellow center but the other does not. I am thi depression eranki depression erang i depression erat probably used to,, though i depression erat i depression eras fi depression erane wi depression erathout i depression erat. The flowers seem glued down but they are also wi depression erared, as shown on the back. Measures 1.75" wi depression erade.Shi depression eraps i depression eran a gi depression eraft box.I combi depression erane shi depression erappi depression erang on multi depression eraple i depression

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