Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold vintage panther link chain collar necklace or chokergold choker, snake chain panel tire track look



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Vi short necklacentage gold tone collar or choker necklace compri short necklacesed of 3 rows of li short necklacenked panels. Each i short necklaces smooth and sli short necklaceghtly domed. Excellent condi short necklaceti short necklaceon tho i short necklacet does show sli short necklaceght dulli short necklaceng to some of the gold tone. It's subtle si short necklacence they're so reflecti short necklaceve. Sti short necklacell a ni short necklacece necklace and well made. Has sort of a sli short necklacenky, snake-li short necklaceke feel wi short necklaceth lots of movement. Measures just under 1/2" wi short necklacede and 18" long.Shi short necklaceps i short necklacen a gi short necklaceft box.I combi short necklacene shi short necklaceppi short necklaceng on multi short necklaceple i short

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