Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky vintage lariat necklacevintage necklaces, thick twisted silver chain with geometric dangles tassels



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Vi chain necklacesntage si chain necklaceslver tone lari chain necklacesat necklace. True lari chain necklacesat style wi chain necklacesth no clasps, you ti chain necklacese i chain necklacest closed. The chai chain necklacesn i chain necklacess thi chain necklacesck wi chain necklacesth a twi chain necklacessted spi chain necklacesral look and has round and tri chain necklacesangle dangles at the ends. Excellent condi chain necklacesti chain necklaceson, no flaws. Measures just under 32" long total.I combi chain necklacesne shi chain necklacesppi chain necklacesng on multi chain necklacesple i chain

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