Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modernist vintage tire track necklacemodern jewelry, book chain links silver tone collar



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Vi short necklacentage collar necklace i short necklacen a ti short necklacere track chai short necklacen li short necklacenk desi short necklacegn. Excellent condi short necklaceti short necklaceon, no flaws. Fold over clasp. Measures just under 3/4" wi short necklacede by just under 16". Very cool pi short necklaceece sure to bri short necklaceng i short necklacen the compli short necklacements.Shi short necklaceps i short necklacen a gi short necklaceft box.I combi short necklacene shi short necklaceppi short necklaceng on multi short necklaceple i short

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