Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage seed bead orb necklacecarnival glass, unique statement piece - peacock glasscarnival glass, art deco stylecarnival glass, green purple gold balls



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Gorgeous art deco style necklace compri statement necklacesed of mutli statement necklacecolor seed bead balls/orbs. The necklace i statement necklaces i statement necklacen excellent condi statement necklaceti statement necklaceon wi statement necklaceth no mi statement necklacessi statement necklaceng or loose beads. It has an adjustable clasp made enti statement necklacerely of bead work. Thi statement necklaces necklace i statement necklaces beauti statement necklaceful. I especi statement necklaceally love the asymmetry of the one large gold ball alongsi statement necklacede the mutli statement necklacecolor ones. The colors are blue, green, gold and purple. There i statement necklaces a mi statement necklacex of metalli statement necklacecs and carni statement necklaceval glass. The larger beaded balls/orbs measure about 1", the small ones are 1/2". The necklace measures 23" long. It can be worn sli statement necklaceghtly shorter. The necklace i statement necklaces very sturdy, truly a terri statement necklacefi statement necklacec pi statement necklaceece.Shi statement necklaceps i statement necklacen a gi statement necklaceft box.

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