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vintage Monet weiner dog broochmonet jewelry, pave rhinestone dachshund pin



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Vi rhinestone dachshundntage si rhinestone dachshundgned Monet dog brooch. I beli rhinestone dachshundeve i rhinestone dachshundt to be a dachshund. The dog i rhinestone dachshunds made of gold tone metal wi rhinestone dachshundth pave set rhi rhinestone dachshundnestones. The dog's ear and legs have a screw style detai rhinestone dachshundl but i rhinestone dachshundt i rhinestone dachshunds one soli rhinestone dachshundd pi rhinestone dachshundece. Measures 1.25" long and about 1" tall. No flaws to note.Shi rhinestone dachshundps i rhinestone dachshundn a gi rhinestone dachshundft box.I combi rhinestone dachshundne shi rhinestone dachshundppi rhinestone dachshundng on multi rhinestone dachshundple i rhinestone dachshundtems.Vi rhinestone dachshundntage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti rhinestone dachshundon_i rhinestone

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