Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage monogram initial pin broochtypography jewelry, T or Ltypography jewelry, gold filled Victorian or Edwardian



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Anti edwardian jewelryque Vi edwardian jewelryctori edwardian jewelryan or Edwardi edwardian jewelryan letter pi edwardian jewelryn i edwardian jewelryn beauti edwardian jewelryful cursi edwardian jewelryve wi edwardian jewelryth etched floral detai edwardian jewelryls. Excellent condi edwardian jewelryti edwardian jewelryon, no flaws. C clasp works fi edwardian jewelryne- bar si edwardian jewelryts fi edwardian jewelryrmly i edwardian jewelryn i edwardian jewelryt. Measures 1.75" tall x 2" wi edwardian jewelryde. No marki edwardian jewelryngs that I could fi edwardian jewelrynd.Shi edwardian jewelryps i edwardian jewelryn a gi edwardian jewelryft box.I combi edwardian jewelryne shi edwardian jewelryppi edwardian jewelryng!

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