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vintage gold collar necklace - chased gold & crystal beadsgold necklace, double strand - House of Schrager costume jewelry



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Gorgeous double strand collar necklace of chased gold balls and clear crystal spacers. The necklace does have some wei crystal chokerght to i crystal chokert. The j clasp i crystal chokers marked on the i crystal chokernsi crystal chokerde, 'JONNE' for House of Schrager. I have not cleaned thi crystal chokers pi crystal chokerece, so the gold i crystal chokers a bi crystal chokert dark (barely) but wi crystal chokerll restore to i crystal chokerts ori crystal chokergi crystal chokernal bri crystal chokerlli crystal chokerance wi crystal chokerth ease. Thi crystal chokers i crystal chokers truly a stunni crystal chokerng vi crystal chokerntage costume jewelry pi crystal chokerece. The only flaw i crystal chokers that the end of the extender chai crystal chokern i crystal chokers mi crystal chokerssi crystal chokerng. i crystal chokert ori crystal chokergi crystal chokernally had about 7 beads, but now has 3. i crystal chokert has no other i crystal chokerssues.Wi crystal chokerll best fi crystal chokert 14.25" to 15".Shi crystal chokerps i crystal chokern a gi crystal chokerft box.I combi crystal chokerne shi crystal chokerppi crystal chokerng on multi crystal chokerple i crystal chokertems.

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