Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pastel necklace, set of bright pastel vintage 1980s necklaces + pin set . pink wood and multistrand dyed coconut shell



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Set of 2 vi pastel necklacesntage necklaces from the 1980s. Fi pastel necklacesrst i pastel necklacess a bri pastel necklacesght pastel necklace made from what I beli pastel necklaceseve are coconut shell beads. It has a parti pastel necklacesal second strand that drapes across the decolletage. It measures 23" long and closes wi pastel necklacesth a lobster clasp. The second i pastel necklacess a pai pastel necklacesnted or dyed wood bead necklace. It measures 24" long and closes wi pastel necklacesth a barrel clasp. Both are i pastel necklacesn excellent condi pastel necklacesti pastel necklaceson. I have also thrown i pastel necklacesn a set of dyed (pi pastel necklacesnk and purple) wood pi pastel necklacesns i pastel necklacesn a si pastel necklacesmi pastel necklaceslar palette. The pi pastel necklacesns show li pastel necklacesght surface wear. They measure 1.75" wi pastel necklacesde. Funky and chunky!Shi pastel necklacesps i pastel necklacesn a gi pastel necklacesft box.Vi pastel necklacesntage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti pastel necklaceson_i pastel necklacesd=14198588I combi pastel necklacesne shi pastel necklacesppi pastel necklacesng on multi pastel necklacesple i pastel necklacestems.

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