Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow vintage clip on earringsyellow glass, swirled glass dangle cluster



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Vi swirled glassntage glass cli swirled glassp on earri swirled glassngs. The glass beads are swi swirled glassrled and come i swirled glassn a few di swirled glassfferent colors, but the domi swirled glassnant color i swirled glasss yellow. They have brass beads at the ends. Excellent condi swirled glassti swirled glasson, no flaws to note. They measure 1".Shi swirled glassps i swirled glassn a gi swirled glassft box.I combi swirled glassne shi swirled glassppi swirled glassng on multi swirled glassple i swirled glasstems.Vi swirled glassntage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti swirled glasson_i swirled glassd=14198588

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