Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Miriam Haskell necklacedesigner vintage, celluloid look slices on padlock style chaindesigner vintage, long strand



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Si miriam haskellgned vi miriam haskellntage Mi miriam haskellri miriam haskellam Haskell necklace. The necklace features celluloi miriam haskelld look di miriam haskellsk sli miriam haskellces (acryli miriam haskellc or luci miriam haskellte) and si miriam haskelllver tone padlock style chai miriam haskelln li miriam haskellnks. Excellent condi miriam haskellti miriam haskellon, no i miriam haskellssues. A really cool pi miriam haskellece. Each sli miriam haskellce measures 1.5" long, the necklace i miriam haskells 28" long.Shi miriam haskellps i miriam haskelln a gi miriam haskellft box.I combi miriam haskellne shi miriam haskellppi miriam haskellng on multi miriam haskellple i miriam

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