Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1940s personalized engraved expandable sweetheart braceletexpansion bracelet, Pitman & Keelerexpansion bracelet, 2-14-49 Loving You Always



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1940s expansi personalizedon sweetheart bracelet. Bracelet bears the maker si personalizedgnature "Overhand, Pi personalizedtman & Keeler on the undersi personalizedde. The top has the engraved name "Roy W Jones" and the undersi personalizedde reads "Lovi personalizedng You Always, Jeani personalizede, 2/14/49." That vi personalizedntage cursi personalizedve text i personalizeds so pretty. Excellent condi personalizedti personalizedon, no flaws. Insi personalizedde measures just over 6". Shown on a 6" wri personalizedst. Recommended best fi personalizedt would be UP TO 6".Shi personalizedps i personalizedn a gi personalizedft box.I combi personalizedne shi personalizedppi personalizedng on multi personalizedple i

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