Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage glass seed bead necklaceflapper bead, multi strand white & silver



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Whi art deco necklacete and si art deco necklacelver glass seed bead necklace wi art deco necklaceth 10 strands. The long necklace has a space where 4 whi art deco necklacete mi art deco necklacelk glass beads rest. Can be worn as a long necklace or doubled. The necklace i art deco necklaces beauti art deco necklaceful and appears to be flapper era. Measures 42" long (hands 21" long). No clasp. The condi art deco necklaceti art deco necklaceon i art deco necklaces excellent. It shi art deco necklacemmers beauti art deco necklacefully- my pi art deco necklacectures don't do i art deco necklacet justi art deco necklacece at all!Shi art deco necklaceps i art deco necklacen a gi art deco necklaceft box.I combi art deco necklacene shi art deco necklaceppi art deco necklaceng on multi art deco necklaceple i art deco necklacetems.Vi art deco necklacentage jewelry-https://www./shop/aorta?secti art deco necklaceon_i art deco necklaced=14198588

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