Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage copper medallion necklace . large sword and family crest pendant1950s necklace, coat of arms



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Vi 1960s necklacentage copper medalli 1960s necklaceon necklace ci 1960s necklacerca 1950s/60s. The necklace features a large pendant wi 1960s necklaceth crossed swords and a fami 1960s necklacely crest. Insi 1960s necklacede the crest are a li 1960s necklaceon and uni 1960s necklacecorn. The pendant i 1960s necklaces 2.25" wi 1960s necklacede and sli 1960s necklaceghtly domed/3d. The chai 1960s necklacen i 1960s necklaces 18" and closes wi 1960s necklaceth a foldi 1960s necklaceng clasp. Unsi 1960s necklacegned, though the clasp has a lovely fi 1960s necklaceli 1960s necklacegree-li 1960s necklaceke swi 1960s necklacerl desi 1960s necklacegn.Shi 1960s necklaceps i 1960s necklacen a gi 1960s necklaceft box.I combi 1960s necklacene shi 1960s necklaceppi 1960s necklaceng on multi 1960s necklaceple i 1960s

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