Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pink glass rhinestone heart broochvintage brooches, 3d leaf sweater pin



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Vi shocking pinkntage rhi shocking pinknestone pi shocking pinkn i shocking pinkn the shape of a leaf or heart. Unsi shocking pinkgned but well made wi shocking pinkth a li shocking pinkttle wei shocking pinkght, jui shocking pinkcy vi shocking pinkbrant peach color and ni shocking pinkce quali shocking pinkty gold tone metal. Excellent condi shocking pinkti shocking pinkon, no flaws. I am confi shocking pinkdent i shocking pinkt's desi shocking pinkgner despi shocking pinkte the lack of a marki shocking pinkng. Measures 1.75" tall and 1.25" wi shocking pinkde.Shi shocking pinkps i shocking pinkn a gi shocking pinkft

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