Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large 1930s vintage celluloid twist brooch1930s vintage, green and custard yellow extruded pretzel braid pin



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Cool 1930s brooch made of twi extruded celluloidsted, extruded celluloi extruded celluloidd i extruded celluloidn 2 di extruded celluloidfferent colors- custard yellow and li extruded celluloidght green. The pi extruded celluloidn i extruded celluloids i extruded celluloidn excellent condi extruded celluloidti extruded celluloidon. Has a bi extruded celluloidt of pati extruded celluloidna to the hardware on back but nothi extruded celluloidng that effects functi extruded celluloidonali extruded celluloidty and nothi extruded celluloidng that can be seen when worn. Measures 3" x 1.75".Shi extruded celluloidps i extruded celluloidn a gi extruded celluloidft box.I combi extruded celluloidne shi extruded celluloidppi extruded celluloidng on multi extruded celluloidple i extruded

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