Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist vintage 1980s silver collar necklace on shortminimalist necklace, thick chain



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A shi minimalist necklaceny si minimalist necklacelver tone, amorphous shape hangs from a thi minimalist necklaceck, short chai minimalist necklacen. Excellent condi minimalist necklaceti minimalist necklaceon, no flaws. Hard to descri minimalist necklacebe but very cool. The focal pi minimalist necklaceece porti minimalist necklaceon i minimalist necklaces 3.75" wi minimalist necklacede and up to 1" thi minimalist necklaceck. The necklace measures about 18" long.Shi minimalist necklaceps i minimalist necklacen a gi minimalist necklaceft box.I combi minimalist necklacene shi minimalist necklaceppi minimalist necklaceng on multi minimalist necklaceple i minimalist

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