Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Bakelite charm braceletbeaded charms, marbled spinach green



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Vi beaded charmsntage charm bracelet wi beaded charmsth 3 chunky spi beaded charmsnach green Bakeli beaded charmste pi beaded charmseces (marbled wi beaded charmsth ri beaded charmsch yellow) and other green bead charms. They hang from a pale gold tone chai beaded charmsn, closes wi beaded charmsth a foldi beaded charmsng clasp. Excellent condi beaded charmsti beaded charmson. The Bakeli beaded charmste pi beaded charmseces are about 1" each and very chunky/di beaded charmsmensi beaded charmsonal. The bracelet i beaded charmss 7.5" long. I always guarantee my Bakeli beaded charmste to be the real deal!Shi beaded charmsps i beaded charmsn a gi beaded charmsft

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