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Copper Art Bracelethandmade copper, Handcrafted Copper Bracelets Made From Pure Copper with Colorful Artworkhandmade copper, Copper Feather Tapered Cuff Bracelet



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Copper Art Bracelet, Handcrafted Copper Bracelets Made From Pure Copper wi copper braceletth Colorful Artwork, Copper Feather Tapered Cuff Bracelet\u25a1 Materi copper braceletal: Soli copper braceletd Copper Cuff Bracelet\u25a1 Artwork: Colorful Feather Desi copper braceletgn\u25a1 Beveled Di copper braceletamond-Cut Edgi copper braceletng\u25a1 Si copper braceletze: 23.5 MM at wi copper braceletdest / 9 MM at narrowest--------------------------The Process--------------------------It takes a 32-step process to complete each pi copper braceletece. Copper sheets are poli copper braceletshed, si copper braceletlver-plated and the desi copper braceletgns are pri copper braceletnted onto the si copper braceletlver-plated surface. All pi copper braceleteces are cut-out by hand usi copper braceletng jewelers\u2019 shears whi copper braceletch are then meti copper braceletculously di copper braceletamond cut so that they sparkle as i copper braceletf they have di copper braceletamonds i copper braceletnserted i copper braceletn them. Thi copper bracelets makes the handcrafted jewelry look more expensi copper braceletve. All handmade copper jewelry i copper bracelets made from 99% copper. Copper i copper bracelets a safe metal and many people buy copper jewelry to wear for health reasons. Each pi copper braceletece i copper bracelets made by hand, handcrafti copper braceletng copper sheets i copper braceletnto uni copper braceletque one-of-a-ki copper braceletnd jewelry. The copper sheets are then poli copper braceletshed usi copper braceletng buffi copper braceletng tools and steel brushi copper braceletng to achi copper braceleteve the matte and subtle effect on each pi copper braceletece. Speci copper braceletal fi copper braceletni copper braceletshes are appli copper braceleted to make them last for years, so they can be enjoyed wi copper braceletthout any speci copper braceletal care. These protecti copper braceletve coati copper braceletngs also protect the copper jewelry from tarni copper braceletshi copper braceletng.--------------------------Proper Care--------------------------These pi copper braceleteces should not be worn i copper braceletn the shower as soap and detergents may harm the fi copper braceletni copper braceletsh. Ri copper braceletngs especi copper braceletally should be removed when washi copper braceletng and should not come i copper braceletnto contact wi copper braceletth hand sani copper braceletti copper braceletzers. Weari copper braceletng i copper bracelets not recommended duri copper braceletng sports, swi copper braceletmmi copper braceletng, or gardeni copper braceletng. Wi copper braceletth proper care, you wi copper braceletll enjoy them for many, many years.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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