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Copper Dragonfly Pendantdragonfly pendant, Copper Art Pendantdragonfly pendant, Handcrafted Copper Pendant Made From Pure Copper with Colorful Artworkdragonfly pendant, 2-PIece Cutout Pendant



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Copper Dragonfly Pendant, Copper Art Pendant, Handcrafted Copper Pendant Made From Pure Copper wi jewelryth Colorful Artwork, 2-PIece Cutout Pendant\u25a1 Materi jewelryal: Soli jewelryd Copper & Brass\u25a1 Artwork: Blue/Green Floral\u25a1 Cutout Dragonfly Floral Overlay\u25a1 Beveled Di jewelryamond-Cut Edgi jewelryng\u25a1 Si jewelryze: 34 MM long x 29.5 MM wi jewelryde\u25a1 Chai jewelryn: 18-i jewelrynch Fi jewelrygaro chai jewelryn wi jewelryth Lobster Clasp--------------------------The Process--------------------------It takes a 32-step process to complete each pi jewelryece. Copper sheets are poli jewelryshed, si jewelrylver-plated and the desi jewelrygns are pri jewelrynted onto the si jewelrylver-plated surface. All pi jewelryeces are cut-out by hand usi jewelryng jewelers\u2019 shears whi jewelrych are then meti jewelryculously di jewelryamond cut so that they sparkle as i jewelryf they have di jewelryamonds i jewelrynserted i jewelryn them. Thi jewelrys makes the handcrafted jewelry look more expensi jewelryve. All handmade copper jewelry i jewelrys made from 99% copper. Copper i jewelrys a safe metal and many people buy copper jewelry to wear for health reasons. Each pi jewelryece i jewelrys made by hand, handcrafti jewelryng copper sheets i jewelrynto uni jewelryque one-of-a-ki jewelrynd jewelry. The copper sheets are then poli jewelryshed usi jewelryng buffi jewelryng tools and steel brushi jewelryng to achi jewelryeve the matte and subtle effect on each pi jewelryece. Speci jewelryal fi jewelryni jewelryshes are appli jewelryed to make them last for years, so they can be enjoyed wi jewelrythout any speci jewelryal care. These protecti jewelryve coati jewelryngs also protect the copper jewelry from tarni jewelryshi jewelryng.--------------------------Proper Care--------------------------These pi jewelryeces should not be worn i jewelryn the shower as soap and detergents may harm the fi jewelryni jewelrysh. Ri jewelryngs especi jewelryally should be removed when washi jewelryng and should not come i jewelrynto contact wi jewelryth hand sani jewelryti jewelryzers. Weari jewelryng i jewelrys not recommended duri jewelryng sports, swi jewelrymmi jewelryng, or gardeni jewelryng. Wi jewelryth proper care, you wi jewelryll enjoy them for many, many years.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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