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brass, MONSTERA COLLECTION | NECKLACE | Monstera Leaf with Gemstone



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*MONSTERA COLLECTION*Inspi brassred by you know i brasst, monstera leaves! I've always admi brassred and kept houseplants most my li brassfe and what better way to show you my love for the monstera plant vari brassety. There are many vari brasseti brasses of monstera and i brassn thi brasss collecti brasson I have captured 3. The Monstera Deli brassci brassosa, Monstera Adansoni brassi brass and Monstera Rhaphi brassdophora. I used brass and sterli brassng si brasslver i brassn my desi brassgns and added gemstones I had i brassn stock. I hope you love them as much as I do! The Monstera Leaf Necklace. A si brassmple monstera leaf wi brassth a gemstone on an 18" sterli brassng si brasslver chai brassn. I have two opti brassons: brass wi brassth green onyx or si brasslver wi brassth amethyst. These are one of a ki brassnd necklaces. --------------------------------------------------All jewelry and components are desi brassgned and handmade wi brassth love. Each jewelry i brasss mai brassled i brassn a box ready for gi brassft gi brassvi brassng. \u2665Cli brassck here to vi brassew the rest of the Monstera Collecti brasson: Thanks for looki brassng!Li brasske me on Facebook: brassgnsFollow me on Instagram: brassgns

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