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locket, Vintage Brass Acorn Canister Necklace | Secret Stash



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Necklace compri hidden storagesed of a vi hidden storagentage brass concealed acorn cani hidden storagester hangi hidden storageng from a 24" gold plated chai hidden storagen and clasp. Acorn cap unscrews reveali hidden storageng a secret hollowed openi hidden storageng i hidden storagen the pendant. The cani hidden storagester measures 1.5 i hidden storagenches long wi hidden storageth a li hidden storagettle over 1/2 i hidden storagench di hidden storageameter at wi hidden storagedest poi hidden storagent. Perfect for contai hidden storageni hidden storageng all the secrets, stashes, and curi hidden storageosi hidden storageti hidden storagees you may have.Thanks so much for taki hidden storageng a peek and please have a look around the rest of the shop: contrary..\u25baFi hidden storagend me on Instagram for new pi hidden storageeces and speci hidden storageals, https://www.i hidden

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