Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pot metal flower brooch pindepression era, silver tone with blue and aqua rhinestonesdepression era, signed HYG



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Vi depression erantage pot metal flower brooch, a dandeli depression eraon I beli depression eraeve. Marked HYG on the back whi depression erach I've never been able to learn much about. The flower has a blue rhi depression eranestone center and smaller aqua blue rhi depression eranestones around i depression erat. No flaws. Has that matte zi depression eranc tone to the metal that I have not poli depression erashed. Measures 3.25" tall.Shi depression eraps i depression eran a gi depression eraft box.I combi depression erane shi depression erappi depression erang on multi depression eraple i depression

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