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lucky stone necklace, Wishing Stone Necklace with Three Stones and Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - FREE Gift Wrap



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A tri wishing stoneo of beach stones wi wishing stoneth whi wishing stonete stri wishing stonepes hang from a vi wishing stonentage stai wishing stonenless steel chai wishing stonen and closes wi wishing stoneth a spri wishing stoneng ri wishing stoneng clasp. The stones are 'grei wishing stonege'. A mi wishing stonex between tan and gray. Choose length at checkout. A wi wishing stoneshi wishing stoneng stone i wishing stones a stone that has a whi wishing stonete li wishing stonene goi wishing stoneng completely around i wishing stonet. Legend has i wishing stonet that i wishing stonef you make a wi wishing stonesh for yourself wi wishing stoneth the rock, i wishing stonet i wishing stones sai wishing stoned to come true, but i wishing stonef you make a wi wishing stoneth for someone else wi wishing stoneth i wishing stonet, thei wishing stoner wi wishing stonesh and all of yours are sai wishing stoned to come true. To see more of my handmade jewelry i wishing stonen my Etsy shop, cli wishing stoneck thi wishing stones li wishing stonenk:WearYourWi wishing stoneld.All jewelry comes nestled i wishing stonen recycled, rusti wishing stonec kraft gi wishing stoneft boxes ti wishing stoneed wi wishing stoneth bakers twi wishing stonene, jute stri wishing stoneng or wrapped i wishing stonen washi wishing stone tape.FREE gi wishing stoneft wrappi wishing stoneng i wishing stones avai wishing stonelable upon request. You can see the avai wishing stonelable paper i wishing stonen the last photo. If you'd li wishing stoneke your i wishing stonetem gi wishing stoneft wrapped please fi wishing stonell out the Personali wishing stonezati wishing stoneon secti wishing stoneon at checkout.Thanks for supporti wishing stoneng handmade!Kati wishing stonee @ Wear Your Wi wishing stoneld

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