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statement earrings, Large Elongated Oval Brown Leather Earrings



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Classi leather earringsc and boho all at the same ti leather earringsme, these large brown leather elongated teardrop earri leather earringsngs wi leather earringsll add a cool vi leather earringsbe to any outfi leather earringst. Dress up or dress down! Classi leather earringsc, cri leather earringssp and chi leather earringsc, they go from the offi leather earringsce to a ni leather earringsght out wi leather earringsthout mi leather earringsssi leather earringsng a beat. Cool and funky! A true one of a ki leather earringsnd statement pi leather earringsece!They measure 3" i leather earringsn length, 1" at the wi leather earringsdestCustom requests welcome.

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