Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage celluloid rhinestone clip on earringsclip on earrings, lavender & white carved moonsclip on earrings, Featherliteclip on earrings, Featherweightclip on earrings, Bubbleite



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Vi clip on earringsntage button/di clip on earringssk shape cli clip on earringsp on earri clip on earringsngs made of Bubblei clip on earringste wi clip on earringsth clear rhi clip on earringsnestones. Bubblei clip on earringste i clip on earringss an early plasti clip on earringsc that was made to look li clip on earringske celluloi clip on earringsd, but i clip on earringss a li clip on earringsghter materi clip on earringsal and doesn't yellow wi clip on earringsth age. The earri clip on earringsngs are i clip on earringsn excellent condi clip on earringsti clip on earringson, no i clip on earringsssues. They measure 1". Shi clip on earringsps i clip on earringsn a gi clip on earringsft box.I combi clip on earringsne shi clip on earringsppi clip on earringsng on multi clip on earringsple i clip on

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