Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage black and white striped bead strand necklacecolorblock necklace, tribal heishi style long strand



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Vi heishi necklacentage bead strand hei heishi necklaceshi heishi necklace style necklace, feels li heishi necklaceke plasti heishi necklacec but has a li heishi necklacettle wei heishi necklaceght to i heishi necklacet and almost a glass look. Excellent condi heishi necklaceti heishi necklaceon, no flaws. Qui heishi necklacete lovely and well made. Measures 29.5" long.Shi heishi necklaceps i heishi necklacen a gi heishi necklaceft box.I combi heishi necklacene shi heishi necklaceppi heishi necklaceng on multi heishi necklaceple i heishi

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