Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dragonfly broochdragonfly brooch, mixed metals with kinetic moving tail



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Qui vintage broochesrky and cool vi vintage broochesntage dragonfly brooch. It i vintage broochess made of mi vintage broochesxed metals wi vintage broochesth a wee faux pearl cab and a sli vintage broochesghtly bi vintage broochesgger purple stone on the wi vintage broochesngs. The tai vintage broochesl i vintage broochess a beaded strand that sways as you move. Unsi vintage broochesgned. Measures 3.5" i vintage broochesncludi vintage broochesng the tai vintage broochesl, and about 1.75" not i vintage broochesncludi vintage broochesng the tai vintage broochesl. Excellent condi vintage broochesti vintage broocheson, no flaws.Shi vintage broochesps i vintage broochesn a gi vintage broochesft box.I combi vintage broochesne shi vintage broochesppi vintage broochesng on multi vintage broochesple i vintage

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