Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gemstone Earringshandmade jewelry, Ruby Earringshandmade jewelry, Stud Earringshandmade jewelry, Rough-Cut Gemstone Post Earrings Set in Vermeil 24K Overlay .925 Sterling Silver



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Gemstone Earri jewelryngs, Ruby Earri jewelryngs, Stud Earri jewelryngs, Rough-Cut Gemstone Post Earri jewelryngs Set i jewelryn Vermei jewelryl 24K Overlay .925 Sterli jewelryng Si jewelrylver\u25a1 Gemstone: Ruby\u25a1 Vermei jewelryl - a 24K gold overlay on Sterli jewelryng Si jewelrylver\u25a1 Si jewelryze: Approxi jewelrymately 12 MM x 7.5 MM\u25a1 Shape: Asymmetri jewelrycalI have the gemstones custom cut & desi jewelrygned & gemstones are raw cut, meani jewelryng they are not faceted & poli jewelryshed & remai jewelryn i jewelryn thei jewelryr ori jewelrygi jewelrynal rough & natural beauty. They are set i jewelryn a brushed 24K Vermei jewelryl - OR -sterli jewelryng si jewelrylver setti jewelryng and no two pi jewelryeces are shaped the same whi jewelrych adds to thei jewelryr uni jewelryque beauty.Presented on a 2-i jewelrynch hand-stai jewelryned wood card wi jewelryth gemstone i jewelrynformati jewelryon on back. Packaged i jewelryn a beauti jewelryful li jewelryttle organza pouch-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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