Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

80s 90s vintage textured silver tone heart earrings for pierced earstextured gold, pq design



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80s/90s vi textured goldntage heart post earri textured goldngs. Si textured goldlver tone metal. The hearts are sli textured goldghtly puffy wi textured goldth a textured yet shi textured goldny surface. Excellent condi textured goldti textured goldon, no flaws. The best thi textured goldng about them i textured golds they are pq or qp style- i textured goldnstead of bei textured goldng the exact same shape, they mi textured goldrror each other. They measure 3/4" tall and wi textured goldde. Possi textured goldbly unsi textured goldgned Avon. (Any green you see i textured goldn my photos i textured golds reflecti textured goldon from the trees around me.)Shi textured goldps i textured goldn a gi textured goldft box.I combi textured goldne shi textured goldppi textured goldng on multi textured goldple i textured

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