Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage Sarah Coventry Chain-O-Litessigned jewelry, silver chain strand necklace with rhi70nestonessigned jewelry, 1969



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Si 1960s necklacegned vi 1960s necklacentage Sarah Coventry necklace called "Chai 1960s necklacen-O-Li 1960s necklacetes" from 1969. The necklace i 1960s necklaces a double strand of si 1960s necklacelvertone chai 1960s necklacen i 1960s necklacenterspersed wi 1960s necklaceth sparki 1960s necklaceng rhi 1960s necklacenestone balls measuri 1960s necklaceng 24" long. Perfect for layeri 1960s necklaceng. All stones are present. Some have dulled a bi 1960s necklacet but I di 1960s necklaced not try to clean the necklace.Shi 1960s necklaceps i 1960s necklacen a gi 1960s necklaceft box.I combi 1960s necklacene shi 1960s necklaceppi 1960s necklaceng on multi 1960s necklaceple i 1960s

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