Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pair of shiny gold metal enamel vintage bangle braceletsmod jewelry, marked Japanmod jewelry, orange and blue



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Pai metal banglesr of vi metal banglesntage gold tone metal bangles, each stamped JAPAN on the i metal banglesnsi metal banglesde. They are i metal banglesn overall great condi metal banglesti metal bangleson but under a macro lens I could see some areas of enamel chi metal banglesppi metal banglesng. Each has the standard 2.5 openi metal banglesng. The blue one has almost a 1/2" wall, the orange one i metal bangless 1/4". You get them both!Shi metal banglesps i metal banglesn a gi metal banglesft box. I combi metal banglesne shi metal banglesppi metal banglesng on multi metal banglesple i metal

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