Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bakelite banglevintage bakelite, rich brown 3/8" bracelet



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Vi stacking banglesntage bakeli stacking bangleste bangle i stacking banglesn a ri stacking banglesch, deep brown. Almost has a reddi stacking banglessh ti stacking banglesnt to i stacking banglest. Excellent condi stacking banglesti stacking bangleson, no flaws. 3/8" wi stacking banglesde, 2.5" across the center. Guaranteed bakeli stacking bangleste. I've been collecti stacking banglesng for many years and know my bake! The color i stacking bangless i stacking banglesnteresti stacking banglesng. It's got more depth (for a soli stacking banglesd color) than I'm used to wi stacking banglesth a brown pi stacking banglesece. makes me wonder i stacking banglesf another color i stacking banglessn't hi stacking banglesdi stacking banglesng underneath.Shi stacking banglesps i stacking banglesn a gi stacking banglesft box.I combi stacking banglesne shi stacking banglesppi stacking banglesng on multi stacking banglesple i stacking

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