Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brown bakelite banglebakelite bangle, bookend with one curved wall



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Vi bakelite banglentage brown bakeli bakelite banglete bangle wi bakelite bangleth one curved wall. Excellent condi bakelite bangleti bakelite bangleon, no flaws. measures about 3/8" wi bakelite bangleth standard 2.5" openi bakelite bangleng. I would venture to guess there i bakelite bangles a di bakelite banglefferent color hi bakelite bangledi bakelite bangleng under the brown. i bakelite banglet has a greeni bakelite banglesh hue when the li bakelite bangleght hi bakelite banglets i bakelite banglet just ri bakelite bangleght. Guaranteed bake. I've been a collector for many years and know by feel and smell. Passes the rub test.Shi bakelite bangleps i bakelite banglen a gi bakelite bangleft box. I combi bakelite banglene shi bakelite bangleppi bakelite bangleng on multi bakelite bangleple i bakelite

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