Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Monet collar or choker necklacegold choker, adjustable lengthgold choker, slightly rose gold tone link panelsgold choker, 1980s does 50s



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Vi 80s does 50sntage Monet necklace can be worn as a collar or choker. Beauti 80s does 50sful shi 80s does 50sny color has a hi 80s does 50snt of rose gold to i 80s does 50st. Scroll li 80s does 50ske li 80s does 50snks are shi 80s does 50sny and smooth wi 80s does 50sth a touch of texture on the ends to make i 80s does 50st look folded over. Excellent condi 80s does 50sti 80s does 50son, no flaws. Measures about 1/4" wi 80s does 50sde, Can be worn at about 14" to 15.75".Shi 80s does 50sps i 80s does 50sn a gi 80s does 50sft

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