Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

creamed spinach Bakelite banglebakelite bangle, marbled green vintage braceletbakelite bangle, 1/2" wide



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Marbled green vi bakelite banglentage Bakeli bakelite banglete bangle. The yellow and green are both clear and ri bakelite banglech. Excellent condi bakelite bangleti bakelite bangleon, no flaws. Domed wall, ni bakelite banglece and thi bakelite bangleck. Measures 1/2" wi bakelite banglede wi bakelite bangleth openi bakelite bangleng just under 2.5" . Guaranteed Bakeli bakelite banglete.Shi bakelite bangleps i bakelite banglen a gi bakelite bangleft

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