Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Length :\u00a0 6\u00a0cm ( 2.3 " )These cute statement earri geometric earringsngs are made of polymer clay,\u00a0raw brass and handcrafted by myself i geometric earringsn Canada (QC).\u00a0Every earri geometric earringsng i geometric earringss ni geometric earringsckel-free, made wi geometric earringsth polymer clay and stai geometric earringsnless steel for sensi geometric earringsti geometric earringsve ears.Each earri geometric earringsng i geometric earringss made wi geometric earringsth custom colors, rolled, cut, baked, sanded, dri geometric earringslled, assembled, photographed, and packaged wi geometric earringsth a lot of pati geometric earringsence and love.Because these earri geometric earringsngs are i geometric earringsndi geometric earringsvi geometric earringsdually handmade the pai geometric earringsr you recei geometric earringsve may have sli geometric earringsght pattern vari geometric earringsati geometric earringsons.\u00a0Polymer clay i geometric earringss a li geometric earringsghtwei geometric earringsght, resi geometric earringsstant and waterproof materi geometric earringsal but avoi geometric earringsd bendi geometric earringsng and droppi geometric earringsng them to make them last longer.\u00a0Keep your earri geometric earringsngs clean by usi geometric earringsng a damp cloth to remove makeup or other di geometric earringsrt.\u00a0If the metal parts tarni geometric earringssh rub i geometric earringst wi geometric earringsth a ti geometric earringsny amount of\u00a0whi geometric earringste vi geometric earringsnegar (or Brasso) wi geometric earringsth a soft damp cloth.Please note, due to vari geometric earringsati geometric earringsons i geometric earringsn some computer screens/moni geometric earringstors there may be sli geometric earringsght vari geometric earringsati geometric earringsons i geometric earringsn colour. Every attempt has been made to represent the product and colours as accurately as possi geometric earringsble.Please choose carefully as we unfortunately cannot refund or exchange for change of mi geometric earringsnd due to hygi geometric earringsene reasons.

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