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Gilded Photo Cuffsilver leaf, Gold Leaf Cuffsilver leaf, Altered Art Jewelrysilver leaf, Hand Gilded Gold Leaf Cuff Braceletsilver leaf, Big Cats Cuff Braceletsilver leaf, Leopard Cuff



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Gi braceletlded Photo Cuff, Gold Leaf Cuff, Altered Art Jewelry, Hand Gi braceletlded Gold Leaf Cuff Bracelet, Bi braceletg Cats Cuff Bracelet, Leopard CuffIMAGE: Bi braceletg Cats Seri braceletes - LeopardMEASUREMENTS: 1.5 i braceletnchesQUANTITY: 1 cuff bracelet - AdjustableMATERIAL: Matte GOLD plated brass, gold leafEach 1-of-a-ki braceletnd cuff features beauti braceletful altered art i braceletmagery hand pressed i braceletnto the metal leaf. The i braceletmage i bracelets transparent, reveali braceletng the beauti braceletful metal leaf. The leafi braceletng i bracelets appli braceleted by hand and has a 'cri braceletnkled' vi braceletntage effect. Before we even start the process, we i braceletnvest i braceletn havi braceletng each cuff professi braceletonally fi braceletni braceletshed i braceletn ei braceletther matte si braceletlver or matte gold - we NEVER use raw brass, whi braceletch oxi braceletdi braceletzes & tarni braceletshes over ti braceletme. For proper care, do NOT i braceletmmerse i braceletn water so as not to break the resi braceletn seal.================THE PROCESS================Beauti braceletfyi braceletng objects wi braceletth gold leaf dates back to anci braceletent ti braceletmes wi braceletth a style characteri braceletsti braceletc of Byzanti braceletne and Renai braceletssance art. Statues, plaques and panels were carved from hardwood, then embelli braceletshed wi braceletth gold leaf.Usi braceletng old world gi braceletldi braceletng techni braceletques, the metal leaf i bracelets hand pressed onto each cuff, featuri braceletng beauti braceletful altered art i braceletmagery whi braceletch i bracelets fused i braceletnto the metal leaf. Cuffs are protected wi braceletth a waterproof, scratch proof hard resi braceletn seal whi braceletch wi braceletll stand the test of ti braceletme. Each pi braceletece i bracelets handmade and gi braceletlded leafi braceletng i bracelets avai braceletlable i braceletn si braceletlver or gold. Speci braceletal Edi braceletti braceleton pi braceleteces also come i braceletn bri braceletlli braceletant foi braceletl colors.

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