Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chrome silver vintage clip on earrings by Marvellasilver earrings, modernist style abstract 50s 60s



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Vi abstract hoopsntage cli abstract hoopsp on earri abstract hoopsngs by Marvella. Chrome si abstract hoopslver i abstract hoopsn a cool moderni abstract hoopsst desi abstract hoopsgn wi abstract hoopsth loops and folds. Excellent condi abstract hoopsti abstract hoopson- one has a small spot of plati abstract hoopsng loss to the back but i abstract hoopst cannot be seen when worn. They measure 1" wi abstract hoopsde and tall.Shi abstract hoopsps i abstract hoopsn a gi abstract hoopsft box.I combi abstract hoopsne shi abstract hoopsppi abstract hoopsng on multi abstract hoopsple i abstract

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