Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Handmade Gemstone Ringgemstone ring, Gemstone Cluster Ringgemstone ring, Statement Ringgemstone ring, Amethyst Gemstone Ringgemstone ring, Gold-Filled Gemstone Ringgemstone ring, Gemstone Cocktail Ring



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Handmade Gemstone Ri cocktail ringng, Gemstone Cluster Ri cocktail ringng, Statement Ri cocktail ringng, Amethyst Gemstone Ri cocktail ringng, Gold-Fi cocktail ringlled Gemstone Ri cocktail ringng, Gemstone Cocktai cocktail ringl Ri cocktail ringng\u25a1 Gemstones: Faceted Green & Purple Amethyst\u25a1 Materi cocktail ringal: 14K Gold-Fi cocktail ringlled Rounded Tubular Band\u25a1 Si cocktail ringze: 4.75Handmade, hand wi cocktail ringred wi cocktail ringth 14K gold-fi cocktail ringlled wi cocktail ringre & clustered wi cocktail ringth faceted green & purple amethyst gemstones, goldstone. Band i cocktail rings also gold-fi cocktail ringlled & rounded tubular.Uni cocktail ringque & One-of-a-Ki cocktail ringnd. Packaged i cocktail ringn a beauti cocktail ringful flocked ri cocktail ringng box-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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