Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dog scatter pin set of 2 by Gerry'sfloppy ears, gold tonefloppy ears, floppy earsfloppy ears, tongues outfloppy ears, cold painted enamel details



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Set of 2 dog scatter pi sweater pinsns by Gerry's. Both marked on the back. Bri sweater pinsght gold tone wi sweater pinsth pai sweater pinsnted eyes, noses and mouths. Excellent condi sweater pinsti sweater pinson. The smaller one has the teeni sweater pinsest pai sweater pinsnt loos on the ti sweater pinsp of a toe. Hard to see. The bi sweater pinsgger one i sweater pinss a li sweater pinsttle over 1.25" tall, the smaller one i sweater pinss just over 1". So cute.Shi sweater pinsps i sweater pinsn a gi sweater pinsft

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