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bolt, Purple Rain Lightning Bolt Earrings



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I fli 80sp -flop between calli 80sng these earri 80sngs "Ri 80sde the Li 80sghtni 80sng...Bolts" (Metalli 80sca) or "Thunderstruck" (AC/DC)...but, one thi 80sng i 80ss for sure...thi 80ss sparkly colorway i 80ss most defi 80sni 80stely "PURPLE RAIN"!!The shi 80sny sparkly aspect of these earri 80sngs makes them hard to capture the purple perfectly accurately, but rest assured...they are defi 80sni 80stely purple...and sparkly. Please see my IG @li 80sttlecrownbenchmade for a vi 80sdeo \u2728\ud83d\udc9c\u2728These mi 80ss-matched pai 80sr of bolts come wi 80sth a uni 80sque, one-of-a-ki 80snd sparkly powder coat fi 80sni 80ssh that i 80ss hand appli 80sed and watched li 80ske a hawk whi 80sle i 80st "cures". Each bolt i 80ss hand sawn from 18G copper sheet. They hang on hand-formed 20g Sterli 80sng si 80slver ear wi 80sres.\u201cBi 80sggi 80ses\u201d are 2 \u00be\u201d long and \u201cMi 80sni 80ss\u201d are 1 \u00bd\u201d long.Bi 80sggi 80se 1 = Bolts go i 80sn same di 80srecti 80sonBi 80sggi 80se 2 = Bolts go i 80sn opposi 80ste di 80srecti 80sonsMi 80sni 80s = Bolts go i 80sn opposi 80ste di 80srecti 80sonsThi 80ss i 80stem shi 80sps FREE!!(Domesti 80sc Orders Only)

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