Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s 70s vintage figural dog brooch pin1970s jewelry, color block mod hound



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I don't know a darn thi 1970s jewelryng about thi 1970s jewelrys vi 1970s jewelryntage brooch besi 1970s jewelrydes i 1970s jewelryt bei 1970s jewelryng pretty cool. The dog i 1970s jewelrys made of gold tone metal wi 1970s jewelryth di 1970s jewelryfferent color hard plasti 1970s jewelryc/resi 1970s jewelryn features. The ori 1970s jewelrygi 1970s jewelrynal tag on the back i 1970s jewelrys parti 1970s jewelryally readable, but not enough to offer me i 1970s jewelrynfo. Excellent condi 1970s jewelryti 1970s jewelryon, no flaws. Measures 3.25" tall x about 2".I combi 1970s jewelryne shi 1970s jewelryppi 1970s jewelryng on multi 1970s jewelryple i 1970s

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