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pierced, Plush Bluebird Earrings - Felt Blue Bird Ear Rings



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Plush Felt Bluebi piercedrd Earri piercedngsEmbroi pierceddered and hand sti piercedtched li piercedttle bluebi piercedrds i piercedn li piercedght blue *eco-fri piercedendly felt. The bi piercedrds are li piercedghtly stuffed wi piercedth Premi piercedum polyester fi piercedberfi piercedll and measure about 25mm x 15mm (about 1 i piercednch x 1/2 i piercednch). Each pai piercedr i pierceds handcrafted so may vary sli piercedghtly from photo shown. The earri piercedngs are li piercedght i piercedn wei piercedght and made wi piercedth surgi piercedcal steel fi piercedshhook ear wi piercedres. As these are small i piercedtems - they are not i piercedntended for chi piercedldren.*eco-fri piercedendly felt i pierceds manufactured i piercedn the USA from hi piercedgh quali piercedty polyester fi piercedber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plasti piercedc bottles.

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