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ox blood, Ox Blood Leather Cufflinks



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These handmade, luxuri weddingous, leather-covered cuffli weddingnks from Parki weddingn & Lewi weddings are a classy accessory for anyone wanti weddingng to add some understated style to an outfi weddingt.These cuffli weddingnks are perfect for addi weddingng a touch of personali weddingty and understated cool to accessori weddingse a smart-casual outfi weddingt or a busi weddingness sui weddingt. You could treat yourself to these "ni weddingce li weddingttle extras" or gi weddingve them as a thoughtful gi weddingft to someone who appreci weddingates good taste. The ri weddingch tones of the natural leather texture gi weddingve the cuffli weddingnks a rusti weddingc, masculi weddingne, yet luxuri weddingous aestheti weddingc that exudes quali weddingty. They wi weddingll wear well over ti weddingme - becomi weddingng aged and i weddingnteresti weddingng, developi weddingng a uni weddingque pati weddingna. A great detai weddingl when you want to dress to i weddingmpress - si weddingmple and styli weddingsh.Comes i weddingn a black cuffli weddingnks box for safe-keepi weddingng.Parki weddingn & Lewi weddings also make thi weddings style of cuffli weddingnk i weddingn vari weddingous other leather colours and backs - If you would li weddingke a di weddingfferent colour-way not speci weddingfi weddinged here, please do contact to di weddingscuss fabri weddingc choi weddingces and I wi weddingll do my best to accommodate your requi weddingrements.Each cuffli weddingnk i weddings handmade and a one-off, so the product you recei weddingve may vary sli weddingghtly from the i weddingmages.Made from:Leather, metal setti weddingng.Di weddingmensi weddingons:1.65cm di weddingameter.

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