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These Si coin cufflinkslver cuffli coin cufflinksnks are set wi coin cufflinksth authenti coin cufflinksc coi coin cufflinksns from anci coin cufflinksent Judea. These coi coin cufflinksns i coin cufflinkss also known as the Wi coin cufflinksdows Mi coin cufflinkste and menti coin cufflinksoned i coin cufflinksn the New Testament. (See more hi coin cufflinksstory below)Obverse of the coi coin cufflinksn i coin cufflinkss a Macedoni coin cufflinksan star and the reverse i coin cufflinkss an anchor. Coi coin cufflinksn dates: 103-76 BC.Advantages: These cuffli coin cufflinksnks could appeal to anyone from a student to a hi coin cufflinksstory buff, to people that love anti coin cufflinksques, to anyone who appreci coin cufflinksates the beauty and hi coin cufflinksstori coin cufflinksc events. They make for a great conversati coin cufflinkson pi coin cufflinksece as well as a meani coin cufflinksngful gi coin cufflinksft. The jewelry made i coin cufflinksn the US.The pi coin cufflinksece comes wi coin cufflinksth Certi coin cufflinksfi coin cufflinkscate of Authenti coin cufflinksci coin cufflinksty of the Coi coin cufflinksn.Workmanshi coin cufflinksp i coin cufflinkss guaranteed. Jewelry Mai coin cufflinksntenance:1. Avoi coin cufflinksd chemi coin cufflinkscals. Do not wear to hot tubs or sea. 2. To clean use a si coin cufflinkslver cloth on the si coin cufflinkslver and avoi coin cufflinksd the coi coin cufflinksn. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!3. Best preserved i coin cufflinksn zi coin cufflinksplock bag when not worn.____________________________________________________________________________________HISTORY:These coi coin cufflinksns are dated from 1st century BC. Alexander Janneus, the nephew of Si coin cufflinksmon and Judah Maccabee, mi coin cufflinksnted thi coin cufflinkss bronze Prutah. He became ruler of the Jews i coin cufflinksn 103 BCE and was young and ambi coin cufflinksti coin cufflinksous ruler.These coi coin cufflinksns are also symboli coin cufflinksc i coin cufflinksn the hi coin cufflinksstory of Chri coin cufflinkssti coin cufflinksani coin cufflinksty and menti coin cufflinksoned i coin cufflinksn the book of Luke i coin cufflinksn the new testament. Jesus sat down opposi coin cufflinkste the place where the offeri coin cufflinksngs were put and watched the crowd putti coin cufflinksng thei coin cufflinksr money i coin cufflinksnto the temple treasury. Many ri coin cufflinksch people threw i coin cufflinksn large amounts. But a poor wi coin cufflinksdow came and put i coin cufflinksn two very small copper coi coin cufflinksns, worth only a fracti coin cufflinkson of a penny. Calli coin cufflinksng hi coin cufflinkss di coin cufflinkssci coin cufflinksples to hi coin cufflinksm, Jesus sai coin cufflinksd "I'll tell you the truth, thi coin cufflinkss poor wi coin cufflinksdow put more i coin cufflinksnto the treasury than all the others. For all of them have contri coin cufflinksbuted out of thei coin cufflinksr abundance; but she out of her poverty has put i coin cufflinksn everythi coin cufflinksng she had, all she had to li coin cufflinksve on." That i coin cufflinkss how thi coin cufflinkss coi coin cufflinksn got hi coin cufflinkss ni coin cufflinksckname "wi coin cufflinksdow's mi coin cufflinkste"

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