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brown glass earrings, Tan and Brown Vintage Glass Bead Earrings with Gold Filled Earwires - FREE Gift Wrapping



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Beauti coffeeful NOS (new old stock) vi coffeentage tan and brown glass beads are combi coffeened wi coffeeth gold fi coffeelled headpi coffeens, beads and french earwi coffeeres to make these easy to wear earri coffeengs. I love these beads. No two are ali coffeeke. When I look at them I see coffee i coffeece cream dri coffeezzled wi coffeeth chocolate. I only have two pai coffeers of these left i coffeen stock. Overall length: 1 3/4".To see more of my handmade jewelry i coffeen my shop, cli coffeeck thi coffees li coffeenk:WearYourWi coffeeld.IG: @wearyourwi coffeeldMany of my earri coffeengs can be converted to Cli coffeep Ons, free of charge. I have si coffeelver plated, oxi coffeedi coffeezed si coffeelver plated, gold plated, anti coffeequed brass and bronze wi coffeeth a coppery fi coffeeni coffeesh. Contact me on Etsy BEFORE maki coffeeng your purchase to see i coffeef the earri coffeengs i coffeen questi coffeeon can be converted to cli coffeeps.All jewelry comes nestled i coffeen recycled, rusti coffeec kraft gi coffeeft boxes ti coffeeed wi coffeeth bakers twi coffeene, jute stri coffeeng or wrapped i coffeen washi coffee tape.FREE gi coffeeft wrappi coffeeng i coffees avai coffeelable upon request. You can see the avai coffeelable paper i coffeen the last photo. If you'd li coffeeke your i coffeetem gi coffeeft wrapped please fi coffeell out the Personali coffeezati coffeeon secti coffeeon at checkout.Thanks for supporti coffeeng handmade!Kati coffeee @ Wear Your Wi coffeeld

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